How to write Invoice No./Voucher No. in various Entry Forms:

September 2, 2013
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Invoice Number in Sales Invoice Form is automatically generated and it is in sequence. When you press “New Invoice Button”, then all the columns on left pane area are automatically filled and cursor automatically goes to right table area in the “Item Code” column.

In the Purchase Invoice, the Invoice No. and date columns are not automatically filled when you press “New Invoice” button. Because unlike sales invoice, purchase invoice numbering is not your own choice. You will write the number as appears on actual purchase bill.

Similarly, in cash book also, the voucher number column is not automatically filled. You will write the actual bill number, deposit slip number, withdrawal cheque number etc.

In the sale return/purchase return forms, you will write the original sale invoice number plus original date/original purchase invoice number plus original date.

Know which Item to Purchase and at what price

September 1, 2013
Magellanic Cloud

Soft Retail Accounting gives you the most direct method of ascertaining the purchase requirements of your retail business. It works in a simple way. At the time of defining your trade items in “Items and Prices Setup”, you mention “re-order level” and “target level” for each item.

Let’s say for a particular item, the “target level” is 10 and “re-order level” is 2. It means that when stock of this item will reach to 2, now this item will be included in the list of “short items” which you can see from Main>>Inventory/Stock Books.

The “Short Items” screen will display the list of all the items whose stock has reached to “re-order level”.

This list will also tell the “last purchase price” and “weighted average purchase price” of each listed item. It will make sure that you or your purchasing staff will make no mistake regarding the prices of required items at the time of purchase.

This “short items list” will also tell the quantity required to be purchased of each listed item.  The “required quantity” is calculated on the basis of “Target Level” which you had set for the item in the “Items and Prices Setup”.

Let’s say the “target level” for a particular item was 10 and the “re-order level” was 2. Now when stock of this item will drop to 2, then “Short Items” list will show the “required quantity” to be 8. Because when you will purchase 8 units, you will again acquire the target level which is 10.

In case any item is not intended for next time purchase, then you will write both “re-order level” and “target level” to be zero (0). In addition, you will check mark the “discontinued” column. An item which is marked as “discontinued” will not appear in purchase demand (short items) list.

Soft Retail Accounting is more like a Management Accounting Software

August 30, 2013
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Although Soft Retail Accounting gives you Financial Ledgers, Trial Balance and Final Accounts, It does not require you to setup “Accounting Period” or “Financial Period” etc. Soft Retail Accounting is not more concerned with yearly or other periodical official reporting, rather it focuses on day to day results, transaction by transaction results. And what is the present position now, right at this moment.

You can see gross profit of every single sale you have made just now. You can see gross profit of whole day right at the time of end of day.  You can see net profit figures of any period by just choosing opening and closing dates. You can see balance sheet as on today or as on any chosen previous date.

You just make any entry in any form, and you instantly see the net outcome of every related aspect. It means that Soft Retail Accounting is more like a Management Accounting which even tells the stock position of the trade item right at the time of selling the item. It is such a Management Accounting System which tells the previous time purchase price as well as weighted Average Price of trade item right at the time of making purchase entry of that item. While purchase demand list will also tell the last time as well as weighted average price of every listed item. You will take right purchase decisions and it will also tell you right at the time of purchase entry regarding how your purchase remained good or bad price wise.

When you open “Items and Prices Setup” form, you can adjust prices of items and you will instantly see how much you can earn profit by selling total stock of that item at the new price. All this sort of instant information reveals the true nature of Soft Retail Accounting … which is more like a Management Accounting System. with Soft Retail Accounting, you will feel your small retail business as your BMW and you will right be on the steering seat having full control of the affairs of your business.

It is better option for your small retail business because official reporting is only the secondary requirement of a small retail business. However having a strong managerial grip over the affairs is definitely the primary requirement…!!!

Soft Retail Accounting

August 30, 2013
Magellanic Cloud

This separate blog has been set up to explain various aspects of Soft Retail Accounting. The topics of this blog will be in addition to the PDF user manual available on following link:


Soft Retail Accounting’s “Sample Data File” can be downloaded from following link ( MS Access 2010 file having password: sampledata )


And the Free Demo (ready to use) file can be downloaded from following link ( MS Access 2010 file having password: mysystem )


Free demo is a fully functional ready to use file. It will be fully functional up to 25 sales invoices. When maximum limit of sales invoices is over, then sales invoice form shall not open. However all other forms and reports shall remain fully functional. At this time you will need to enter activation code (PIN Number) in main>>About form. Once correct PIN Number has been entered, then sales invoice form shall open as usual.

Price for purchasing PIN Number is PKR.3000/- for Pakistani buyers and price for International buyers is US $30/-. (Note: This is price of freely downloadable version of Soft Retail Accounting. This version is not multi-user enabled.)

BUY Soft Accounting PIN NUMBER NOW


The various posts of this blog shall describe various features and aspects of Soft Retail Accounting so that users may fully understand the product and may get maximum benefit out of it.

pkr.1000_- only (for pakistan buyers) u$d.10_- only (for international buyers)

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