Basic Single User Accounting Solutions

Soft Retail Accounting

Soft Retail Accounting

Shop Management System. Just download and start doing work.

Soft Basic Trade & Import System

Accounting for Commercial Importers or other GST registered Traders

Soft 3rd Schedule Trade Accounting

Accounting System for traders of 3rd schedule Items. (Retail Price Taxation)

Advanced Accounting Systems

Soft Advanced Trade Accounting

Enterprise Scale Trade Accounting system. Under Development.

Soft Service Accounting

Enterprise Scale Service business Accounting system. Under Development.

Soft Manufacturing Accounting

Accounting for Manufacturing Business. Under Development.

About Company

At Soft Accounting Technologies, we are expert in Accounting and other business database solutions and their implementation across enterprise. We have in-house developed core accounting modules for different business types which we modify and implement according to the specific needs, organization structure and accounting policies of the clients. Apart from Accounting solutions, we also develop customized business documentation solutions mostly based on PostgreSQL (backend) and MS Access (frontend).

Straightforward Accounting:

The Philosophy is that the basic double-entry Accounting System is logically capable to deal with any level of complexity. Thus, our core modules are actually electronic or automatic versions of the same Academic Bookkeeping. However, in reality, different business processes are not directly linked with Accounts Books. For example, for an Educational Institute, Fee collection form is separately filled and then a copy of the form goes to Accounts Section for the entry in Accounts Books. In Soft Accounting Products, only such forms are filled and the relevant bookkeeping entry is automatically made. Your entering the Fee Collection Form automatically generates Cash Book entry. Likewise, being a transport company, your filling up of the transport bill or being a courier company, the courier invoice or being a trader, issuance of a general sales invoice for a regular customer would automatically generate relevant General Journal Entry. Needless to say that posting to ledgers is automatic and every simple form entry automatically updates every relevant aspect of Accounts up to Balance Sheet level.

Different Frontend Applications for Different Roles

Except for the Entry level products, Soft Accounting Applications are distributed as proper Server-Client Architecture. For the multi-users settings, different frontend layouts are crafted for the different roles. This strategy ensures non-complicated/ simplistic user experience and in this way a complex total system can be smoothly run through different but simple operations. These roles, and thus the layouts and functions of the different frontends are devised according to the organization structure and accounting policies of the clients.


Except for the entry level trading system, Soft Accounting Products employ PostgreSQL as backend database system which is reputed and portable technology. Accounting or any other business or documentation solution developed and implemented by the Soft Accounting Technologies can be plugged to any 3rd party advanced feature or functionality.

Maximum Output with Minimum of Input​

Fundamental principle of Soft Accounting Products is to ensure maximum of output with minimum input. For example Soft Accounting System does not ask for input choice of any costing method yet automatically provides at least two types of costing information. As a comparison, a famous accounting software which is marketed as "world's most powerful software" asks users to chose one of the three costing methods and then provides costing information based on only that one chosen costing method. Likewise, Soft Accounting Products also do not ask users to chose between accrual and cash basis accounting yet provide both types of accounting. The "world's most powerful software" on the other hand asks users to chose between the two accounting methods and then provides only that chosen type of accounting.


Trade Basic

MS Access based complete Accounting and Management system for small retail or wholesale shops. Single user system and very simple to operate. Just download and start doing work.

Service Business

Scalable/ Enterprise Class Accounting Solution based on PostgreSQL (backend) and MS Access (frontend) for any kind of Service Business. To name a few; Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Transport, Logistic, Courier, Insurance Companies etc.

Standalone Processes

We streamline standalone inventory, processes and documentation of various types of businesses in the form of customized solutions from scratch, mostly based on PostgreSQL (backend) and MS Access (frontend)..

Trade Advanced

Large retail or wholesale setup including retail chain, import or export. PostgreSQL (backend) and MS Access (frontend) based Accounting and Management system.

Manufacturing Business

Complete Accounting/ RMS Solution based on PostgreSQL (backend), MS Access (frontend) for Manufacturing Sector. Simple Manufacturing Module included. Integration of detailed manufacturing and storage processes is possible.

Public Sector

We have the capability to offer departmental or local offices scale database solutions for certain specific tasks such as movement and tracking of files, accomplishment and pending tasks, procurement, consumption and inventory etc.


We issue quotation after understanding and documenting the scope as well as details of the intended solution. Projects are priced according to the level of complexity and the involvement of third party services for the specific parts of the project requirements. Data storage option i.e. Whether on LAN, Cloud, VPS or Shared Hosting also determine the price structure of the project. Our entry level trade system is sold at fixed price which is given at "Soft Retail Accounting" section of this website.


Soft Accounting Technologies offers expert services for streamlining accounting, workflow or other processes at enterprise scale with suitable LAN or Cloud configurations according to the nature of the process and business needs.


Soft Accounting Technologies, 35/1, Gulf Market, Kashmir Road, Sialkot, Punjab 51310, PK.



Soft Retail Accounting

Soft Retail Accounting

Soft Service Accounting

Soft Service Accounting


Soft Bizrecorder


Standalone Processes


Public Sector Solutions

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